Payment information 

  We provide an invoice with each order once the poster has been delivered or shipped. We can be paid with credit cards (Visa/Discover/ MasterCard, including University of Minnesota purchasing cards), cash or check.  We are also happy to take University PO's.  We cannot charge a University CUFS account directly (although we can reference one on the invoice). If the University is paying for the poster, you will need to submit the invoice to the appropriate personnel in your department.
  Once the poster is delivered, you will receive an email from our invoicing software, Wave. You can pay directly on the invoice via a Pay Now tab or print the invoice off and submit it internally.

What does Free Elementary Layout Assistance Entail?

Here's how this works:
   We can make any suggestions on a power point copy of your file. We leave your original file untouched and send you a PDF proof.  Please note that this service does not apply to files submitted in PDF format, which has limited editing capabilities. 

  We will look over your file and make any elementary adjustments such as lining up columns and elements, centering titles, etc., if you would like us to.  These types of adjustments typically take no more than 15-20 minutes. Once we have finished we will additionally send you the changes PowerPoint and PDF files for your review. There is no cost for this service, but please let us know if you would like us to do this for you.

What does Free Delivery Entail? 

   We do free next-business-day delivery to University of Minnesota twin cities campuses, the VA Hospital, ST. Kates, HCMC and other areas near (or south of) the University (I drive up 35W and can deliver to locations near the freeway). We will deliver directly to your office, lab or other campus address.

We are more then willing to ship your poster to you at cost from Fed-Ex or we can use a Fed-Ex account. Just let us know!


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