**A note on sales tax:

Tax-exempt institutions, such as the University of Minnesota, are not required to pay sales tax (indicate this by the Tax Exempt Account).  If you are paying for your poster personally (even if you are to be reimbursed by the University later), I am required to collect the tax (indicate this by the Personal Account).

Payment information 

  We provide an invoice with each order once the poster has been delivered or shipped. We can be paid with credit cards (Visa/Discover/ MasterCard, including University of Minnesota purchasing cards), cash or check.  We are also happy to take University PO's.  We cannot charge a University CUFS account directly (although we can reference one on the invoice). If the University is paying for the poster, you will need to submit the invoice to the appropriate personnel in your department.
  Once the poster is delivered, you will receive an email from our invoicing software, Wave. You can pay directly on the invoice via a Pay Now tab or print the invoice off and submit it internally.


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Poster Submission Guidelines
What we can accept:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Files
  • Adobe PDF Files

Please convert other formats (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, or CorelDraw, etc.) to PDF files.
 If you send us a PowerPoint file, we will convert it to a PDF and send it back to you for review.  This serves as an electronic proof to verify that your file came through and looks as it should on our system.  PDFs have proven to be very stable going from one computer or operating system to another whereas PowerPoint is known to occasionally create issues with formatting, layout and font substitutions when the file is moved from the host computer and opened elsewhere.