Fabric Postersare $10.50 per square foot. This fabric is thin, lightweight and foldable. It has a very tight weave that allows for sharp lines and text as well as crisp images. Eliminate the need for cumbersome transportation tubes! This fabric folds neatly into any carryon with minimum creasing. It can be hung as is or lightly ironed. Fabric is a ideal short term options. Colors can begin to fade after months of being displayed.

Below are commonly printed poster sizes, you are not limited to these dimensions. 
We can print anything up to 60" wide by any length. 

Mounted Posters (posters mounted on foam core) $12.00 per square foot (printing and mounting combined). This gives you a poster that is easily displayed on an easel. These are best suited for local deliveries as shipping can damage the poster.

Please allow 2 business days for these posters.

Poly Matte (actually, more of a satin finish) is the default paper.  It is the one we will use if you do not specify a preference.  It has a less-reflective surface than the Poly Gloss with slightly less contrast and it lays a bit flatter (flatness becomes more an issue the larger the poster). 

Price Guide

Banners are $9.00 per square foot. Our scrim vinyl banners are avilable in a smooth or textured surface. Banners are grommeted and can be reinforced with banner hemming tape.

Please allow 2 business days for banners.

Media Options

We have two tear-proof poly papers: Poly Matte and Poly Gloss.  Both are $5.75 per square foot.  They are very durable, and can be hung multiple times. They are not, however, waterproof.  The inks can smear if you get them wet.


Minimum Charge:There is a minimum charge of $40.00 per order.  At $5.75 per square foot, this is equivalent to about 8 square feet, (i.e., a 32 x 36 inch poster). Jobs can be grouped, but must be delivered at the same time, to achieve the minimum order.

Proofs can be either PDF or hard-copy

A hard-copy proof is a flat rate of $7.50. The size will be about 12-16 inches wide (I do not make full-size proofs). We can also make a PDF proof and send it to you via email attachment. There is no charge for PDF proofs.

Unlimited Minnesota Posters


Tubes are heavy cardboard (about 1/8" thick--they can be used multiple times) and come with end caps. (These are required for shipping.)

We specialize in the details!

Laminated Posters are $9.00 per square foot (printing and lamination combined). Lamination adds UV resistance, providing  protection against fading (similar to using UV inks when printing).  Laminated posters are waterproof. 

Please allow 2 business days for these posters.

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Additional Options

Advanced layout assistance, or if we are the one creating your poster, we charge an hourly rate of $50.00/ hour. Examples of this would be reformatting due to a change in the aspect ratio (width-to-height dimensions) or building a layout from submitted materials (text and image files). We provide free elementary layout assistance. Go here for more information on this.